One thing is certain: the old bipolar world order is wrecked. Some say that today we have a multipolar order. I, however, think the world is neither bipolar nor multipolar – it is non-polar. A new order has not yet been found. This world is a world searching for itself.

Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Minister of Foreign Affairs in speech of September 2014

It was like a great wave. At the beginning of time the poles were multiple and they moved around. A kind of soft and fluffy ball of matter emanated a great energy, and it moved, and it moved. As its surface it had a membrane, puffy like a beaver. A single push was enough to break it. Then the Entities came, and desired: an island, a land, a North, stars, blings. From up high in the sky they pierced the membrane, and everything tightened up to a point that it burst, releasing a strong squirt. The soft mass fled and in its escape a great river was born. The river’s tumultuous waters ran until they became oceans between islands that crystallized in sand and stone. On the top of the Great Mountain the first of the Dwellings appeared, the Dwelling of the Canopy, where the bird-spirits sprang from the breadfruit. The Entities could then leave their Celestial Dwelling and begin to visit the new world whenever they could escape the winter. Many, many eras later, when the North had already established itself as above, the fugitives of the western darkness resumed expeditions to the South in search of themselves.

Cycle 2024, a great imprudence led to another magnetic decentralization. Trekkers were blinded by the limpid vertigo of the horizon. They cracked the coconut and the night escaped. The drought came to the local south. Hydrosolidarity came along. There were even those who gave harbour to the ones with no sea.

2101 of the Pop era: it repeated itself. They ate the fruit. Nibbles of meat layers reach the thorny bone. That was when a curtain of inhumanity greater than the seas fell all over the world. The bear grabs the bull by its long tail. The weak base collapses the pyramid. The end of metal sovereignty, a new era of electrical storms will have begun. Millions of groundhogs will reveal an early spring through block chains, awakening the Entity from the deep.

Since then, Norths and Souths are mixed up. Each one has its own, just like pocket magnets, and the GPSs must be recalibrated daily. There is no more separation between Sky and Earth. Entities are everywhere and all over, and some even behave according to human and inhuman laws. Adaptations in all global positioning equipment shall have been developed, including a new network of Archyd type mining satellites.

“The future and the stiff fruit,
the past and the taken step,
all that’s not present
shall happen again.”

Translation of glyph-enigma inscribed in the columns of the shrine revealed by the dry spell.

This is an evening of exquisite diplomatic reception at the River of Pebbles Palace, where the most important global figures are expected. The Palace will have been carefully prepared by invisible servants and decorated with major art works, ancient tapestries, and replicas of monuments long lost in wars and looting. In a few minutes the worldwide broadcast will have begun. Famous Entities will slowly appear through tiny explosions of light. This is how they combine their performance culture with a pseudo-culture of responsibility. Under the passage leading to the shrine some entities exchange pleasantries:


–          Boa tardinha
–          Good night
–          Alegre em te ver! Já faz … desde …
–          Yes, it’s been a long time, since that festival in the far west, right?
–          Good to see you!
–          Não é engraçado como a cúpula do sul global acontece nesse norte?
–          I thought that for you Westerners this was the East.
–          Sim mas, não … mas sim, também, fora do eixo. Mas como assim “vocês ocidentais”? Você é ocidental também, não?
–          It depends, sometimes yes, but most of the time, I’m a Southerner.
–          Entendi … Bem, foi muito bom te ver. Aliás, adorei seu sapato.
–          You like them? Oh, so they are yours, I insist!
–          Espera, por favor, aqui não, não precisa.
–          Please, I insist. If you like it, it’s yours.
–          Afe, não mostra os pés, por favor … ai não, isso é tão constrangedor.
–          Here, take it! There you go.
–          Não era minha intenção … mas e agora? Você vai ficar de pés descalços?
–          Don’t worry, they are distributing Hawaiians in the V.I.P. lounge.
–          Oh, and you owe me one. Tschüßikowski!!


Boa noite senhoras e senhores, esta é uma noite muito especial. Estamos aqui transmitindo ao vivo da entrada do Santuário. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is a very special night. We are all waiting for the arrival of the great jackfruit. Parece que a fruta Juca está a caminho. It seems like it’s arriving. Enquanto isso, vamos falar com algumas das deslumbrantes Entidades presentes aqui neste palácio maravilhoso. Let’s talk to some Entities. Boa noite, que vestido fabuloso, posso tocar? Uau, ele cai muito bem em você, e olha este colar, ai bebê, que bela peça. Comprou pela metade e vai vender pelo dobro, não é mesmo? Beautiful dress, lovely necklace, really. It looks so much like the necklace the Prime Minister was wearing on the day of the abolition of money! And what about this vest my Knight? I can only say: Niiii … some get it right, others not so much. Ah, nós temos aqui Entidades de todas as partes, que evento fabuloso. For you watching at home, these are indoor aerial images captured by our exclusive flybots, transmitting live in high speed directly from the seats, chandeliers, and even the cutlery, so you won’t miss anything! Logo mais estaremos de volta, fique ligado.


The Mambo-clown strikes again! The groper snatched the jackfruit from the hall. The Jah Kah. They couldn’t even shove their foot in it, as tradition says. By the time he’s finished eating the jackfruit, the reciprocity will have already been sealed without interference. Quite an uneven deal, taken for granted. The due donation, a trade of losses that from loss one earns. Today is today, tomorrow is too late. The fruit-house, inhabited. The body-house, fallen to pieces. Everything becomes more humid. The fruit will have rotted everything around it. Even the painting that survived the great element upheaval will not survive the “fruiture”. Spiraling twirls the orange peels. Everything remains spinning. The shapeless mass is disoriented, the spirits keep gushing in the lounge.

So it was, so it shall be.

Note: in Portuguese there is no “future perfect”, the analog tense is the “future of the composed present.”
Text: Kadija de Paula, Maíra das Neves, and Pedro Victor Brandão
Translation: Kadija de Paula and Maíra das Neves
Proofreading: Thais Medeiros and Mark Philipp
Agência Transitiva, Rio de Janeiro, March 2015.
This text is part of the work “Entity” by Antje Majewski, in the exhibition “Future Perfect”, at Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, May 2015, and at Museu de Arte Leopoldo Gotuzzo, Pelotas, Brazil, September 2015.