Splace, 2010

12 Episodes in the TV tower on Alexanderplatz
Summer 2010
Organized by:
Antje Majewski, Magdalena Magiera, Dirk Peuker, Juliane Solmsdorf
22.7. Jim Skuldt
29.7. Luis Berríos-Negrón
5.8. Juliane Solmsdorf
12.8. Hendrik Weber
19.8. Delia Gonzalez, Jaro Straub
26.8. Leopold Kessler, Olaf Nicolai, Bettina Nürnberg & Dirk Peuker, Matthias Müller, Salla Tykkä, Karl Kels, Mathilde Rosier
2.9. Agnieszka Polska, Antje Majewski
9.9. Yusuf Etiman, Thomas Kilpper, Johannes Paul Raether
16.9. Joanna Warsza, Florian Baudrexel, Lena Inken Schaefer
23.9. Ulrike Kuschel, Thomas Bayrle, Dani Jakob, Sunah Choi
30.9. Amy Patton, Dirk Peuker
Thursdays 7–10PM
All other days the room remains closed, but fully visible from the outside.
All the time: Basso Bar
SPLACE is the former GDR regional exhibition space for East Berlin, located in the base of Berlin’s TV Tower on Alexanderplatz.
At the base of the tower, on the first floor, opposite the Fitness center.


Splace was a three month program of  exhibitions, performances, screenings and a bar that was organized by Antje Majewski, Magdalena Magiera, Dirk Peuker and Juliane Solmsdorf in the summer of 2010. We invited friends and artists we liked, organized everything without any budget whatsoever and had a lot of fun.

The TV tower on Berlin Alexanderplatz is at the heart of the east side of Berlin. It was built in 1965-69 as a prestige object to show off the modernity of a socialist city. Everybody uses it as an orientation mark that is visible from far away, while at the same time it is strangely unknown – visited mostly by tourists and teenagers.

Our room was formerly used as a café and TV-studio. It’s strange shape is due to the surprisingly beautiful, star-like architecture of the basis surrounding the tower. The panoramic windows turn it into a giant vitrine, if the visitor looks into it from the surrounding walkway. Seen from the inside, it transforms into a theatrical space with the Alexanderplatz as a backdrop.

We invited artists from different countries to use this space, at this historical place in the city, to create something new and specific in reaction to it.



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