ƒƒ, 2012-15

In the three very intense years that I worked with the feminist group ƒƒ, I learned a lot, made new and enduring friendships, and was involved in many collaborative activities. I was a founding member of  ƒƒ in 2012 and left in 2015.

This text described our aims and hopes:

ƒƒ is a living and evolving network of feminist artists. ƒƒ is a way of working and communicating through art that grows out of collaborations and discussions in close personal contact. Through friendships and alliances we make art that is an essential element of our lives. Art is a field in which we move and meet, while creating and transforming it. We are different, having each our own language and history. Our heterogeneity is our strength. Feminism for us means equality for all: human beings of all genders and all origins.

For TAZ we ask other feminist artists we know to participate in the creation of a Temporary Autonomous Zone in which they can realize art projects, performances, lectures, discussions, film evenings, parties and other events. This is a time of intense meetings that enrich the knowledge of each other, our networks and friendships and often evolve into ƒƒ collaborations.

TAZ/1 was situated in Vienna, organized by ƒƒ and Francis Ruyter, at Francis Ruyter Gallery, Sept.-Nov. 2012

TAZ/2 was situated in Berlin, organized by ƒƒ , invited by Dorothee Bienert, at Galerie im Körnerpark, March-May 2013

TAZ/3 24h was situated in Warsaw organized by Antje Majewski & Magda Thotova / ƒƒ, invited by Barbara Piwowarska, at Teatr Studio / Galeria Studio, October 5-6 2014, followed by an exhibition organized by Barbara Piwowarska, Mathilde ter Heijne and Christina Dimitriadis.

The ƒƒ Archive brings together information on feminist/female artists and related topics. It is open for all formats: books, catalogues, magazines, fanzines, artworks, music, films and videos, posters, postcards, photos, and files. All are encouraged to donate to the ƒƒ Archive and take home a multiple in exchange. We organize archival discussions and research that aims at shifting the existing patriarchal and Euro-centric cultural narratives. We know that we have to construct our past to be able to project ourselves into the future.”


Exhibitions and events
Flamenca Fleming, Sportklübü. Curated by Antje Majewski & Juliane Solmsdorf, ƒƒ, Berlin, D
Kleine Humbodtgalerie, curated by Conny Becker, Berlin, D
“ƒƒ Temporary Autonomous Zone 3 / 24h”, Galeria Studio, Warsaw, PL
On invitation by Barbara Piwowarska. Curators of 24h: Antje Majewski / ƒƒ, Magda Tothova / ƒƒ.
Events and installations during 24h:
CHILDREN’S ROOM // MAMA Foundation, Delia Gonzalez
COLOR BOOK for children and parents // Józefina Chętko, with: Agnieszka Holland, Kasia Adamik, Maria Peszek, Anna Kuczynska, Katrin Plavčak …
GUIDE // Agnieszka Polska, Antje Majewski
THE HEARING TRUMPET // Zorka Wollny, Six Elder Women from Warsaw
EMBODIED HERSTORIES. FROM INVISIBLE LABOR TO DAILY REBELLIONS // Ewa Majewska, Aleksandra Polisiewicz, Joanna Sokołowska, Aleksandra Jach
FUTURE DRESSING ROOM // Antje Majewski, Dorota Walentynowicz, Zorka Wollny, Magda Tothova, Sylvia Schwarz, Isabella Lewandowski
RECORDING THEATRE // Dorota Walentynowicz, Francis Ruyter
ROSTRUM // Katrin Plavčak, Ulrika Segerberg, Marzena Nowak, CullinanRichards, Alice Cohen, Franziska Böhmer
PANEL FOR MORE DIMENSIONAL KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE // Mirela Baciak, Aleksandra Jach, Mathilde ter Heijne, Sylvia Schwarz, Magda Tothova, Ruth Weismann
NEW FUCK PARADE // Katharina von Dolffs, Julia Phillips
FUTURE BALL // Mathilde Rosier, Antje Majewski & Christine Borch, Delia Gonzalez, J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard) NIGHT MUSIC, SHOW, PARTY, LIGHT AND SOUND // BONNIE (musique couture), Alice Cohen
OUTLIERS // J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard), Melissa Steckbauer
FEMINIST LULLABIES // Zorka Wollny, Sylvia Schwarz, Rosa Gerhards
EROTIC DREAM // Christine Borch, Isabella Lewandowski, Antje Majewski, Dorota Melissa Steckbauer, Walentynowicz, Zorka Wollny
BEFORE IT MADE US WILD  // Magda Tothova, Mirela Baciak, Juliane Solmsdorf, Aleksandra Bozek, Paul Philipp Heinze
FEMALE DESCENT // Patrycja Dołowy, Sylwia Chutnik
FUTURE IS A PROJECTION // Johanna Abraham with Antje Majewski, Magda Tothova, Antje Majewski, Józefina Chętko
ƒƒ LINES // Mathilde ter Heijne & TAZ participants & guests
FROM… WARSAW // Manuel Wischnewski, Marie Wocher, among others
GREEN GOLD – WITCH SOUP KITCHEN // J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard), Linards Kulless, Agnieszka Brzeżańska
FUTURE PARADE // organized by Antje Majewski. Everybody
ƒƒ Temporary Autonomous Zone 3, exhibition. Curators: Barbara Piwowarska, Christina Dimitriadis / ƒƒ, Mathilde ter Heijne / ƒƒ
“The History of Painting Revisited”. Evening organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ und Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin, D
“The Oracle”. Exhibition organized by Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ and Melissa Steckbauer/ƒƒ, The Wand, Berlin, D
“dissident desire Chapter 0: ƒƒ”. Evening with Christina Dimitriadis/ƒƒ, Antje Majewski/ƒƒ, Julia Philips/ƒƒ, Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ,
Melissa Steckbauer/ƒƒ organized by Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, Julia Philips/ƒƒ, Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ,
District Berlin c/o Malzfabrik, Berlin, D
“Four Cities, more Women”. Video Program with Alice Cohen/ƒƒ, Delia Gonzalez/ƒƒ, Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, Antje Majewski/ƒƒ,
Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ, Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ curated by Magda Tothova/ƒƒ, The Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, US
“Mere Top”. Exhibition with Alice Cohen/ƒƒ, Delia Gonzalez/ƒƒ, Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, Antje Majewski/ƒƒ, Amy Patton, Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ curated by Christina Linden, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Oakland, US
Temporary Autonomous Zone / TAZ 2, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, D
Exhibitions: “ƒƒ Collaborations”. Exhibition curated by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ and Melissa Steckbauer/ƒƒ, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, D
“Erogenous Zone”. Exhibition curated by Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ and Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, D
Performances, Talks, Events, Screenings:
“Erogenous Zone” Opening Performances by Amelie Jakubek, Nina Rhode, Betty Tompkins
“Reading of Erotic Poetry” organized by Christina Dimitriadis/ƒƒ and Julia Alida Mueschen
“Die Ausgewählten” a collaborative project by Nine Budde, Magdalena Bichler, Julia Lazarus, Antje Majewski/ƒƒ
“Erogenous Zone” Guided Tours organized by Tanja Schomaker
“<#1:common.places> “ Video by Fiona Rukschcio, organized by Antje Majewski
“re.act.feminism archive” Presentation by Kaj Osteroth; organized by Antje Majewski
“Sheroes” Costume Play with Lydia Hamann, Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, Antje Majewski/ƒƒ, Kaj Osteroth, Jen Ray/ƒƒ, Tanja Schomaker, Melissa Steckbauer/ƒƒ Alex Tennigkeit organized by Melissa Steckbauer/ƒƒ  und Alex Tennigkeit
“Art as a meeting point” with Andrea Buddensieg (ZKM), Otobong Nkanga (Nigeria/Antwerp), Joanna Warsza (Berlin/Warsaw), discussion organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ
“Performance” by Otobong Nkanga
“Rules and Representations” with Dr. Hanne Loreck (Prof. für Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften, Wissenschaftliche Studien, UdK, Hamburg), Dr. Suzana Milewska (Skopje, Macedonia), participants of “Erogenous Zone” knowledge exchange organized by Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ
“Under Her Spell” Participatory ritual-performance by Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, J&K/ƒƒ, Jen Ray/ƒƒ
“ƒƒ Collaborations” Guided Tours organized by Tanja Schomaker
“Sarah Schumann und Silvia Bovenschen” Talk by Michaela Melian, organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ in collaboration with frieze d/e
“Popcorn Sappho” Performance by Sonja Cvitkovic, Birgit Megerle, Michaela Meise, organized by Antje Majewski
“Stick It in your Ear” Two Solo Concerts: Tonia Reeh (DE), Voice & Piano; Els Vandeweyer (BE), Vibraphone, organized by Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ
“Extension” Performance by Renata Kaminska for two female artists, with Renata Kaminska and Antje Majewski/ƒƒ
“Knocked Up By the Devil: Motherhood and the Movies” Filmscreening and discussion with Elke Buhr and Henrietta Huldisch, film showing: Rosemary’s Baby and Demon Seed. Organized by Jen Ray/ƒƒ
“Feminist Magazines in Conversation” with CALL (Hamburg, Berlin): Julia Philips /ƒƒ, Anna Steinert, LABOUR  (London): Melissa Gordon; Missy Magazine (Berlin); Petunia (Paris, Vienna, Grenoble, Berlin, Mexico City), organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ
“Musical performance” by Sonja Cvitkovic with Miko, organized by Antje Majewski
“An afternoon with Ellador” organized by Magda Tothova/ƒƒ, Nina Prader/ƒƒ, Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, Ruth Weismann
“Clare Gasson, Give everything up” Poster series, organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ
“Im Muschelgrund” Performance by Nina Prader/ƒƒ and Gianna Prein
“Willkommen Flora” Performance organized by Antje Majewski und Katrin Plavçak, ƒƒ
Temporary Autonmous Zone / TAZ 1, Galerie Francis Ruyter, Wien, A
“Fly or Flow” Collaborative works by ƒƒ: Delia Gonzalez, Mathilde ter Heijne, Antje Majewski, Amy Patton, Katrin Plavcak, Juliane Solmsdorf and guest Mathilde Rosier
“Abstraktion und Subtraktion” Exhibition with Astrid Bechtold, Svenja Deininger, Karine Fauchard, Delia Gonzalez/ƒƒ, Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, Suse Krawagna, Antje Majewski/ƒƒ, Katherina Olschbaur, Doris Piwonka, Nina Prader/ƒƒ, Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ, Francis Ruyter/ƒƒ, Esther Stocker, Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ, Rita Vitorelli, Christina Zurfluh, curated by Esther Stocker and ƒƒ
Performances, Talks, Events, Screenings:
“Autonomy Theory” Performance by Ihu Anyanwu and Hezekina Pollutina Mart, various exclusively curated knickknacks for sale
“Procession with Venus” organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ and Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ, followed by Thanksgiving ritual and meal, organized by Francis Ruyter/ƒƒ
“Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise” Discussion on the legitimacy of art as an actual agent for social change by/with Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ and Amy Patton.
Delia Gonzalez/ƒƒ presents her films
“In A Manner Of Speaking” Veronika Hauer, Nicole Miltner and Martina Steckholzer
“Zine Workshop” with Nina Prader/ƒƒ
“Live Hypnosis Session” by Barbara Kapusta
“Feminism for Every Body” by Johanna Kirsch and Katharina Lampert
“A performative dinner theatre” by Alice Cohen/ƒƒ and Delia Gonzalez /ƒƒ
“Women in Abstract Painting” Discussion about women and fore-mothers in abstract painting, organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ and Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ
“Abstract expressionist collaborative painting workshop” with Antje Majewski/ƒƒ
“Front Tier, Back Water” video evening with San Francisco-based curator Christina Linden, organized by Amy Patton. Amy Patton presents a selection of works and films
“An evening with Offred and Ellador” by Magda Tothova/ƒƒ
“Performativ Analog” by Anja Manfredi
Tanja Widmann Presents: Part 1 of 3
Antje Majewski/ƒƒ and Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ present their videos
“The Fanaticism of the Suffragettes” Video and discussion by Madeleine Bernstorff
“Films by Jenni Tischer and Bernadette Anzengruber” presented by Barbara Kapusta and Katharina Aigner
“What should we speak about and what can we speak about?” Round table discussion with Veronika Dirnhofer, Nina Höchtl, Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ, Amy Patton, Ursula Maria Probst, Lisa Ruyter/ƒƒ, Bettina Steinbruegge, Rita Vitorelli, organized by Mathilde ter Heijne/ƒƒ and Amy Patton
“Costume ball” with DJs Female Obsession: Periphery and Ursula Maria Probst, organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ, Katrin Plavcak/ƒƒ, Juliane Solmsdorf/ƒƒ
“Launch of ƒƒ Feminist Archive” Discussion with the feminist magazines: Bust (NY, US), Nowiswere (Vienna,  Austria), Starship (Berlin, Germany) and Petunia (Paris, Vienna, Grenoble, Berlin, Mexico City), organized by Antje Majewski/ƒƒ